An acrylic painting is created – wet in wet technique

In this article I would like to introduce another technique with which I make my acrylic paintings. In the picture “The suicide”, which can be found here in the gallery, I show how to paint wet with wet acrylic colors and thus can achieve wonderful effects.

The background, which is a mixture of different shades of green, was made the day before, with the wet in wet technique and thus had enough time to dry. As you can see in the pictures, in this case the painting is made horizontally. Here I use an easel, which can be swiveled 90 degrees and with which you can align the screen exactly horizontally. The exact location is necessary so that the color does not run away during the painting process.

An important tool for painting such images is a simple, water-filled spray bottle, which is also used for indoor plants. This moisten the place to be painted on the screen.

On the background, which is supposed to represent the green of the forest, some trees were dimmed with a heavily diluted dark brown shade to enhance the forest effect. The side of the trees facing the light is brightened a bit, the other side is darkened. To give the whole thing a bit of mysticism, the forest floor is worked with black paint.

During painting, the applied paint is sprayed with water over and over again. Depending on how much the color is diluted, the more different effects can be achieved with it. In the example shown, the color for the background is kept very moist. Since not many details are desired here and the forest is to be shown only dimly, the colors blur into each other through the water and can be moved with the brush or finger in the desired direction. By splashing the liquid paint on the canvas or dabbing with a rag can be achieved even more effects.

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