5 tips how to paint an abstract picture

Whether it is not much easier or maybe even harder to do realistic art. Of course there are big differences in the way of working here. Both are neither difficult nor easy and thus no “witchcraft”. Here are some simple tips on how you can paint abstract art yourself and succeed.

First, you should completely reduce your expectations and empty your head completely. All thoughts, as in meditation, may be pushed aside for the moment, because it is about loosening up and relaxing.

If you want to paint abstract, you should have your head free to indulge in a new experience. Abstract art does not happen under pressure or tension. With this attitude you will only achieve a completely cramped result.

If you want to paint art pictures, you should first “loose”, feel comfortable and think positive.

If you have chosen a positive attitude and feel grounded, you can move on to the next step. Targeted and without much thought, you now choose the materials or the ground that you want to work on.

It does not have to be rigid artist materials like canvas and brush. Even untypical materials that are suitable for paintings or sculptures may be shortlisted.

Abstract painting does not adhere to rules and specifications and so the material, in this case, can be chosen freely. Once you have decided on a specific material, then it starts and you can get creative.

The basics for the abstract works of art, on whatever material, are thus laid and one goes to step 3.

What other materials do I need to get creative right away?

Access intuitively and without thinking much about the materials that are right now! Right at the moment and appeal to you. If you want to paint abstract, you should not weigh whether the color that you have just touched harmonizes well with the filler and the corrugated board and the sand.

First of all, do not rate anything and leave it uncored, just like that. When you paint an acrylic painting, the right colors and materials will be there.

Just do not worry about how your abstract artwork will look like later and who, for whatever reason, will buy your art. Such unimportant thoughts inhibit you and keep you from being creative and working detached.

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